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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Very Important Keys

And as per usual it has been too long again! I really must look into finding some more spare time somewhere.
Ofcourse it doesn't help matters much when you waste precious time having to look for a set of keys that are most important, but are absolutely nowhere to be found!
I spend a week looking for the keys in question when out of the blue I had an apparent epiphany just the other day! Intuition works in mysterious ways as I found out.
I had a day of "stuff" planned and was certainly not contemplating going out to a windy beach taking photographs. But, that was exactly what I ended up doing! You may wonder what on earth this has to do with keys, intuition or time for that matter. But there I was driving home from Waikanae after dropping off some of my canvasses at Sweetpea, who very kindly offered to try and sell them for me. (Sweetpea by the way is a lovely little shop that sells childrens wooden toys, childrens shoes and womens designer clothing. And now also some beautiful art prints by yours truly!) Check them out at 36 Main Rd., Waikanae.
But as I was saying, here I was driving home when all of a sudden I really wanted to go to the beach to take some Panoramic shots of Kapiti Island. The stormy clouds looked pretty impressive, so Panoramic shots it was going to be.
I get home, look under my bed for my tripod (which doesn't tend to get out from underneath the bed all that frequently) and what should I find there but my VIK's (very important keys!)!! I blame the kids! Things magically disappear and appear again in our house!
So, having found my keys and my tripod I was a very happy lady standing atop the dunes taking lots of photos!
Unfortunately for my first Panoramic shot I think I got a bit too enthusiastic and stitched too many photos together, so now it is a bit too long to show large enough on any of my websites. Ideally it should probably be printed on a metre long canvas to be fully appreciated! Never mind, next time I won't be quite so enthusiastic! LOL!
So, for better or worse (or in this case for bigger or smaller) here is : In full Glory (Kapiti Island)

and because I never got round to showing you the photo I posted on Fotos and Fairy Dust before this one
here is a simple Chive flower I christened: There were 3 in the bed, and the little one said....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook Giveaway!

I'm running another competition on facebook. Go to my facebook page (, click like if you haven't already done so. Then go to my Kapiti Arts Trail photos and click "like" on the image you think will be the first to sell on the Arts Trail. Out of the people that guessed correctly I will draw a winner. The winner will receive an A4 print of their choice. Good luck. The draw will be on the 8th of November 2010.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Curves, colours and women.

Just finished my second acrylic painting, and I am absolutely loving this new hobby! I love the whole texture thing as opposed to a flat computer screen. For my next painting I might try using some 3D gel I saw the other day. It's supposed to give acrylic paint a 3D feel. Probably a bit more like oils. I can't wait!
If there's anyone reading this who knows a lot about painting and can give me some tips and tricks of the trade, I would much appreciate it.
Anyway for now, here's my latest piece:
(I have no idea what that means exactly, but when I looked up "woman" in TheSaurus, feminality was one of the words that came up. I thought it sounded rather exotic and a bit different. So there it is!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting my hands dirty!

And once again I've been too busy being creative to get round to writing anything in my blog. Will I ever get round to writing about stuff other than my art? Probably not!
So, while kids, housework and art take precidence over blogging right now, I will continue to update you on my latest creations.
I decided a week orso ago, that it was high time I stopped making excuses and try some painting. Real painting. The messy kind. I've been telling myself and everyone else who cared to listen, that I've always wanted to try painting, but what with kids around etc. I just didn't have the time or space blah blah blah, to actually do it. Well, that excuse finally didn't hold up anymore and I told myself to get over it and just do it. So I did, and I think I have caught the bug. I'm working on my second painting right now and loving it!
I'm already looking out for some short courses on painting in my neighbourhood, and am planning to seek out some other painters around here who actually know what they are doing so they can give me some tips.
There will definately be a lot more paintings to come!
So, I will share with you my first ever acrylic painting, and watch this space for my second one real soon!
And just because I do need a bit more time for painting than digital art, I've also been working on another piece on the computer to spend my spare minutes in the day doing something creative.

Here is "Fire in my Heart" and "Arachnid on Party Drugs."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Accidental dirt.

You know, it's funny how when you're looking for something interesting to take photo's of, you often don't find anything, or at best the photo's you do end up taking don't turn out as fantastic as you were hoping. A lot of my art and photography has been kind of accidental and just happened when I wasn't even trying.
As was the case for my latest piece. Lady Muck came about while I was preparing breakfast and noticed how the sun shining on our fridge brought to light some rather interesting looking dirt! Ofcourse, instead of grabbing a cloth and pretending to be the good housewife by wiping it all down, I grabbed my camera, and recorded the extend of my unhousewifeliness (is that even a word?!) for the world to see.
Ofcourse the photograph itself was not really interesting enough for public display, but after playing around with it in photoshop for a while, I came up with something a whole lot more classy!
Thus Lady Muck was borne!
And here she is:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're early for Christmas.

I don't quite know what I was thinking when creating this piece, but again it isn't something that I would normally do. I was inspired by someone elses painting I saw a few months ago. At the time I wasn't all that impressed with it really, but as with my last piece I thought I'd give abstract another go.
It started with just the colour blocks, which I thought was a bit boring. So, a few frost brushes later, it started to look a bit wintry and festive, so what better theme than Christmas to finish the mood.
If you like this "painting" it is also available to buy without the Christmas stuff and or the frost brushes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Abstract? Anyone?

While browsing at The Warehouse the other day, I found some inspiration in the most unlikely painting. When I saw it I thought: "who really likes this kind of art?" It certainly wasn't my cup of tea. But for the sake of art I thought I'd attempt to produce something similar in photoshop, since painting would have been too messy and would have taken too long. (Not to mention it probably would have had a few little handprints on it, as my kids would no doubt have wanted to join in!)
 I added a couple of spiders which weren't in the original,  (though if anyone had bought that paining they might have become a part of it in a few month/ years time! Certainly in my house there probably would have been more than a couple on it!) though I thought they contributed to the mood a bit more.
So, this is the result.
Tell me what you think. How many people like abstract?
You'll want to view this large.


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